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What Patients Say about
Dr. Stephen Wangen's Treatments

Dear Dr. Wangen,Thank you for finding the source of my problems. I am much happier and healthier thanks to your knowledge and caring. I truly believe health is the greatest wealth. You are a truly caring physician.


Leisa Nance (phone consultation client)

Dr. Wangen has worked with my whole family. I was so pleased with the results that I sent my kids and my grandchild to see Dr. Wangen. The food allergy test has helped each of us to identify exactly how we can feel better.

Nancy Van der Wel

I came to Dr. Wangen after no one else could figure out what was wrong. I had severe abdominal pain and was on strong pain meds. Dr. Wangen discovered that I was having a reaction to the foods I was eating. Since then my pain is gone. I can’t thank him enough.

Along with the resolution of my pain was the enlightenment of how food allergies affect so many things in my general health. His enthusiasm for maintaining overall health made me much more aware of caring for myself.

Kim N.


I appreciate that Dr. Wangen wants to find safe, healthy solutions to my problems. He sincerely listens to my wants and concerns. After 5 years of almost no energy and no answers, Dr. Wangen was able to sort out my problem and now I feel better than I have in years.

Charlene Zimmermann

Dr. Wangen has helped me to feel better and think more clearly. Plus, my joints don’t hurt and my hot flashes are gone.

Lori Greene

My constipation is gone, blood pressure is down, energy is up and I feel great. Hallelujah!


I am a 43 year old female and I have been having stomach/digestive trouble since I was a baby. My mother used to say I had a “nervous stomach.” Well, things reached a peak when I was 39. I got to the point where I couldn’t eat or drink anything (even water) after 2:00 in the afternoon or I would be very nauseous and throw up. I spent a year going to the doctors. First my primary care doctor, then a gastroenterologist. They ran repeated tests and only determined that I had GERD.

After a year of throwing up 4 or 5 days out of every week (I lost 65 pounds), the gastroenterologist finally said, “I can’t do anything more for you. This is just what you have to live with.” Well, no way was I going to put up with that answer!!!

I made an appointment with Dr. Wangen and he immediately suggested that I might have food allergies. He took some blood for testing and while we waited for the results, he suggested that I give up wheat and dairy. Within 2 weeks I stopped being nauseous!!! The test showed that I was highly allergic to dairy, eggs, wheat and beef. All the things I had been eating. I was poisoning my body every day without realizing it!

Dr. Wangen gave me some very good literature on food allergies, told me of some cookbooks I could get to help me find alternative ways to cook, as well as prescribing herbs and vitamins to get my body healthy again.

It has been 3 years since I stopped eating the foods I am allergic to and I am so much better! No more Tums! No more Pepsid! No more drugs!!!!

I really feel that Dr. Wangen has saved my life; I no longer have to cancel vacations or invitations from friends because I am not feeling up to it. (You should have seen me on my honeymoon; I know every bathroom at Disneyland!) The quality of my life is so much better after seeing Dr. Wangen. I would (and do!) recommend him to anyone who is tired of having their MD just prescribe drugs to fix a symptom instead of trying to find out what is behind the symptom and treating the cause.


Terri Coon

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